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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Teen Sex Babes Boy

"They do and I'm famished," I said. "Where?"

"Yep." They replied.

As we crossed into Virginia, Dani spoke, some of her first words since we had left the farm in Maine, asking a question impossible for any American to easily answer, "Why are we over there anyway Daddy? Why are we fighting in Iraq?"

She stepped inside and shut the door. I took a good look at her. She was wearing a plain sleeveless red top and a tight pair of jeans, her long blonde hair falling loosely around her face. She was my height, a rarity amongst the girls in our small town (I'm 6'1), and with a body to die for. A pair of long gorgeous legs that seemed to go on forever, a tightly packed stomach and her top seemed to strain against her massive breasts. A pair of earrings was the only jewellery she wore, none of this belly or nose ring nonsense.

As Rachel’s orgasm took control of her senses, her cunt convulsed painfully around Ruth’s fist, and she nearly lost consciousness. She screamed as the lights exploded inside her head, and wave, after wave, of sweet tingling heat swept over her body.

"Wake up, sleepy head." I blinked a few times and got my bearings, and noticed that I had company. Still in her shirt and panties, Julie was laying on her side facing me. A few obvious questions came to mind, so I said to her "what are you doing and how long have you been here?"

As Laura dressed, she subconsciously put on the Monique's panties, followed by a bra, pink mini-skirt, white stretch shirt, and pink pumps. Laura grabbed her book bag, left the dorm, and began walking to her first class. On the way, she brought her hand to her nose and inhaled the lingering musk from her morning activities.

"Gods, that feels so good," panted Iona, looking up at Per. "Fuck me. Fuck me long and fuck me hard!"

"Oh Henry, I have been waiting on you doing that all evening," she said spreading her legs even further.

The theory isn't something I can summarize easily, but I'll run through it and hit the key points. First, when many of these women got married, they were recently out of high school or college and usually still very much in touch with their peer groups--the people that they had in common with their husbands. Well, as time passes, high school and college friends often go their separate ways and suddenly, a large part of what a woman and her husband had in common is gone.

I leaned forward and kissed her member and to lick her balls. They tasted very nice and still had the taste of cum on them.

Caroline had always privately referred to her vagina as her 'bits' and now her bits were so clearly visible. It was impossible for Caroline not to see her bald crotch; she stared down at it, her large intimate lips gleaming pinkly against the smooth skin.

I know he's checking me out, Rebecca said silently. She danced around the room and slowly walked over to Nathan sitting next to him. Very close. She put her hand over his giving his hand a little squeeze.

I was deeply involved in drawing out a logic circuit and truth table, when she plopped down on my back and asked what I was doing. While I thoroughly explained not only the problem I was working on, but also some theory behind it, I could feel her long gorgeous hair tickling the back of my neck. She had rearranged herself so that she was lying out along my length as I was lying on the bed with all my books and papers spread out in front of me.

"Grab your bag and let's blow this joint," she said with a smile.

"Yea", I groan. A couple of rubs of my penis and such a lovely feeling numbs my body.

"It's just me. I like cool weather. If I'm dry, I'm happy with just a light jacket on if it's above freezing... I would guess it's around 65F in here. You're right, a bit chilly to be without clothes... Becky, can I hold you? Cuddle with you?"

"And remind me not to wear this top anymore."

"Ohhhhh.. this is gonna be good." He stood up and drank the rest of his beer down in anticipation of his win. He put the empty bottle down and she watched as he slid his pants down to his ankles then stepped out. The bulge in his underwear was growing and she wanted to touch it, but she was set on winning so she had work to do.


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